Taurus 617 For Sale
Taurus Model 617 357 Magnum 7-Shot Double-Action Revolver

Taurus Model 617 357 Magnum 7-Shot Double-Action Revolver



  • Model: 2-617029
  • Finish: Stainless Steel
  • Caliber: 357 Mag
  • Grips: Ribber
  • UPC: 7-25327-33065-3
  • Capacity: 7
  • Weight: 28.3 oz
  • Rate of Twist: 1:16.5″
  • Barrel Length: 2″
  • Height: 5.10″
  • Frame: Compact
  • Width: 1.531″
  • Action: DA/SA
  • Front Sight: Fixed
  • Length: 6.625″
  • Grooves: 6
  • Safety: Taurus Security System Transfer Bar
  • Trigger Type: Smooth
  • Order #: 2-617029
  • Rear Sight: Fixed
  • Grooves Turn: Right

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Taurus 617 For Sale Overview

An incredible seven shots available at a moment’s notice. The Taurus 617 For Sale revolver provides the advantage of the extra round with Taurus’ exclusive 7-shot cylinder. Soft rubber grips and low-profile sights make these revolvers a most desirable carry option for law enforcement professionals or for self-defense. Add in a yoke detent, and solid steel construction and there really is no competition for this hard-hitting combination of customer-requested features.

FAQ On Taurus 617 For Sale

  • Is the Taurus 617 a good gun
Taurus 617 For Sale

A shorter barrel means better concealability over a 4-inch or longer barrel. But it also means reduced velocity and potentially less effectiveness on threatening targets. All things considered though, the Taurus 617 offers the best of all worlds in terms of compromise. Making it an excellent self-defense choice.

  • Are Taurus 357 Magnum revolvers any good?
Taurus 617 For Sale

There are a number of good choices in . 357 Magnum revolvers. The Taurus Tracker 627 is among the best choices in a magnum revolver. The Tracker isn’t a light-frame or a heavy-frame revolver, but fits nicely into the medium-frame category.

  • Is a 357 Magnum more powerful than a 9mm?

Looking at the ballistics tables below, we see that the 357 Magnum has higher muzzle energy for most of the handgun rounds listed. On average, the 357 has about 600 ft-lbs of energy at the muzzle compared to an average of 340 ft-lbs for 9mm.

FAQ On Taurus Guns

  • Is a Taurus a good gun
Image result for Taurus gun

We found it to be accurate, reliable, and easy to shoot—even compared to some pistols that were much more expensive. We fired approximately 350 rounds of various ammunition through the Taurus G3X, and it ran everything reliably.

  • Is a Taurus gun a Glock
Image result for Taurus gun

Taurus is producing the G3 as a compact, high capacity handgun and a Glock 19 competitor. Here’s What You Need To Remember: The G3 is a little longer, a little taller, a little heavier, and a little wider than its competitors. The G3 is designed to take on the Glock 19, but its main advantage is in pricing.

  • How much does a Taurus gun go for

The Taurus Millennium G2, also known as the Taurus G2C, is a staple of the Brazilian company. The gun is made in Brazil and imported through Taurus’s Miami division. This gun is very popular in the US market due to its price point, as the Millennium G2c comes in at under $250 in most shops.

  • Is Taurus an American made gun?

All Heritage branded firearms are made and serviced in the US at our facilities in Bainbridge, Georgia. Based in Porto Alegre, Brasil, Taurus Armas is a diversified, international company and one of the largest small arms manufacturers in the world.

  • Is Taurus a cheap gun brand

One of the strongest selling points of the Taurus G2c is the price. This is one of the most affordably priced 9mm semi-automatic pistols on the market. Because you save money on your firearm purchase, you can spend more on high-quality accessories, such as carry holsters, gun belts, and ammunition for range practice.

More On FAQ Taurus Model 617

  • Is a Taurus 9mm a good gun?

The compact size makes this a great concealed carry gun. Despite it’s smaller size, the mags had a pinky rest which still felt great for someone like me with bigger hands. The G2C makes a great home defense pistol because of it’s stellar reliability and 12-rounds 9mm capacity.

  • What are Taurus guns known for?
Image result

Versatile line of compact pistols. The Taurus G2 series was engineered specifically for everyday carry-and it delivers. With its streamlined, ergonomic design and rugged, compact polymer frame, you’ll find that our family of G2c pistols strike the perfect balance between comfort and confidence in any situation.

  • What company owns Taurus guns?

From humble beginnings and a commitment to achieving a vision often comes great success. Such was the case with Taurus Armas, S.A.—the parent company of Taurus firearms in the U.S. What started as a small pre-WWII machining operation founded as Forjas Taurus Ltda.

FAQ On Revolvers
  • Are revolvers stronger than pistols?

Revolvers are often shown to be more “powerful” than semiautomatic handguns. And this is true to some extent: revolvers can utilize much more powerful ammunition (see page pic) because they usually have a solid frame and therefore are physically stronger.

  • Is a revolver good for home-defense?

For a first home-defense firearm, a revolver is hard to beat. And if you’re looking for a firearm you might choose to carry concealed sometime down the road, a revolver won’t leave you disappointed.

Revolvers have their place in the gun world; many folks prefer them for their simplicity and feel. Every gun owner should have at least one in his or her collection. If you are intimidated by the question of what gun you should buy, a revolver is a safe choice because it is about as simple and intuitive as guns get.

  • Are revolvers safer to carry?
Image result

Misfires can present safety risks when you need to have the ability to quickly fire. For situations like this, revolvers can be considered safer. Since all you’ll have to do if a misfire occurs is rotate to the next chamber. With a pistol, the defective cartridge needs to be ejected first.


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