Staccato P
Staccato P DPO 9mm Luger 4.4in Black/SS Pistol – 20+1 Rounds
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Staccato P DPO 9mm Luger 4.4in Black/SS Pistol – 20+1 Rounds



Barrel Length4.4in
FinishDiamond Like Carbon, Black
GripsDouble-Stack, Full Length, Black
SightsTactical Dawson Universal Optic System/Fiber Optic
Cartridge9mm Luger
Optics ReadyYes
Overall Length8in

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Staccato P Available In Stock

Staccato P DPO 9mm Luger 4.4in Black/SS Pistol – 20+1 Rounds – Approved for duty by over 280 law enforcement agencies across the country (e.g. Houston Police Department, Las Vegas Metro Police Department, Texas Rangers), the Staccato P is chosen for its proven durability, reliability, accuracy, and performance. Protect yourself and your family with the gun trusted by America’s heroes.

The Staccato P DPO ships with a front sight which, when used in conjunction with the appropriate Staccato 2011 optic mounting plate (sold separately), is designed to co-witness with industry leading full-sized red dot optics such as the Leupold Delta Point Pro, Holosun 508/509, Trijicon RMR, Sig Sauer Romeo One, and others. Optics and mounting plates are sold separately.

  • Chosen By Elite Law Enforcement Agencies For Its Accuracy, Durability, And Reliable Performance
  • Easy To Shoot Well, It Is A Great Choice For Shooters Of All Skill Levels. Protect Yourself, Your Family, And Your Community
  • Putting The Best Gun For The Gunfight Into The Hands Of America’s Heroes
  • Tactical Dawson Universal Optic System
  • 4lb Trigger With Ambidextrous Safety Levers
  • Billet Steel Frame With Accessory Rail
  • Includes Two 17 Round Magazines And One 20 Round Magazine.

FAQ On Staccato P

The Staccato P is a 2011 model pistol. The 2011 design is a modern version of the 1911 design. Incorporating double stack magazines and also chambered in 9mm has brought incredible versatility to the pistol. It comes in a custom soft case with three magazines.

  • What does the P stand for in Staccato

What does the letter “P” in the name Staccato P designate? We offer pistols in several sizes. The “C” in Staccato C stands for Carry; C2 designates that it is a double stack. The C-series guns are marketed more for concealed carry and also personal defense.

  • Is the Staccato P for duty carry
Staccato P - Staccato 2011

Built for professionals and embraced by home defenders, the Staccato P is approved for duty by over 325 law enforcement agencies across the country (e.g. Houston Police Department, Las Vegas Metro Police Department, Texas Rangers) and carried by thousands of officers across the country.

  • How reliable is the staccato P
Staccato P 2011 9mm Pistol review | Coldboremiracle

RELIABILITY. The reliability of the Staccato P was immaculate. During the course of firing several hundred rounds, I experienced no malfunctions. That may not sound like much, but the way it just chewed through everything smoothly and without so much of a hiccup made it feel even more reliable.

Which Staccato did John Wick use

The Top 5 John Wick Handguns | CrossBreed Blog

STI 2011 Combat Master
This decked-out, highly customized gun is mostly seen in the hands of competitors, but STI, now named Staccato, has plenty of their guns approved for duty use. John Wick wields this heavily customized and extremely expensive pistol with ease and takes down tons of bad guys with it by his side.

FAQ On 2011 Pistols

According to a Staccato representative, a basic 2011 pistol uses a metal subframe and a polymer grip frame. In contrast, the original design has a one-piece metal frame with grip panels attached to it. The difference in build affects how the gun delivers recoil.

  • What is the advantage of a 2011 pistol

The 2011 is a modular framed 1911 that is light and has better recoil management. Typically the 2011 is known to be smoother and better to shoot than a typically 1911 pistol. 2011 typically allows you to change the whole grip whereas the 1911 only allows you to change the grip panels.

  • Why is it called 2011 pistol

A “2011” uses the frame system developed by Tripp and Strayer, with a modular polymer grip module and using the STI magazine design. The 2011 wasn’t initially sold or marketed as a “2011” until it already been in production for awhile; STI rebranded the gun as the “2011” and the name (which is catchy) stuck.

  • What year was the 2011 pistol made
2011 vs. 1911 - What's the Difference? - The Broad Side

History of the 2011 Pistol
In 1993, an engineer named Sandy Strayer joined Tripp’s business, Tripp Research, and together they designed and also built a modular, hi-capacity 1911 frame. The final patent for this new competition pistol, now known as the 2011, was also finalized in May of 1994.

FAQ On Dawson Precision

  • Who owns Dawson Precision

Founder and CEO, Dave Dawson started competing with the USPSA over 25 years ago and was also among the first 22 shooters to be awarded the Grand Master classification. In those days getting quality competition pistols with the latest technology was almost impossible.

  • What is the Dawson perfect impact guarantee?

Perfect Impact Promise:
If the Dawson recommended sights do not zero your pistol, we will give you one new front sight that has the required height to correct the point of impact to your specification, also free of charge.

  • How long does Dawson Precision take to ship

Small Order USPS (less than 13oz): Shipping can take up to two weeks for delivery. Standard USPS Priority Mail (less than 2lbs): Shipping can take over a week for delivery.

  • Who makes STI pistols

A Lineage of Innovation
The STI brand was (and arguably still is) the most decorated brand in the competitive shooting world, having won thousands of matches and championships. Flash forward to today: We are Staccato.

  • Is Staccato and STI the same company

When STI rebranded to Staccato, they not only changed the name of the company but also changed their offerings. They went from the aforementioned competition-centric models to firearms with a more tactical base.

  • Did John Wick use an STI pistol

In the third John Wick film, we see Wick and company arming up and also the handgun of choice being a 9mm STI 2011 with the Combat Master package from Taran Tactical.

  • How tall is the sight on the staccato

The front sight on the 2020 regular P model appears to be . 170″ tall by . 135″ wide. The rear seems to have quite a bit of available downward travel so a shorter font sight could be accommodated if need be.


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