SR25 Lower Receiver
Knights Armament SR-25 Complete Lower
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Knights Armament SR-25 Complete Lower


Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer:Knights Armament Company (KAC)
  • Fits:SR-25, AR-10
  • Caliber:7.62
  • Color:Black
  • Includes:A2 Pistol Grip, Buffer Tube

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Knights Armament SR25 Lower Receiver Overview

This is the Knights Armament SR25 Lower Receiver, very efficient, affordable and available in stock.

FAQ On SR25 Lower Receiver

  • Is SR-25 good

Just wanted to show some love to the best gun in the game, the SR-25. Nothing in the game can stop it, its a laser, its got decent ergo, its pretty, and its so fun to use. For anyone looking for a gun to try out give the SR-25 a go.

  • What is the difference between the SR-25 and the M110

The SR25 is a product model by Knight’s Armament. M110 is a rifle platform with its specifications set out by the military, essentially, it’s a military code name. Similarly, Armalite called their product they developed the AR-15, while the military designated it the M16.

  • Does the military use the SR-25?
SR25 Lower Receiver

The Knights Armaments SR-25 family of weapons are 7.62x51mm semi-automatic medium sniper rifles in use with both regular and special operations forces within the US military.

  • Is the SR-25 a sniper rifle
Image result

The SR-25 (Stoner Rifle-25) is a designated marksman rifle and semi-automatic sniper rifle designed by Eugene Stoner and also manufactured by Knight’s Armament Company. The SR-25 uses a rotating bolt and a direct impingement gas system. It is loosely based on Stoner’s AR-10, rebuilt in its original 7.62×51mm NATO caliber.

  • How far can SR-25 shoot

The SR-25 is a semi-automatic rifle that fires the 7.62x51mm NATO round from 10 or 20 round magazines. With proper ammunition sub MOA accuracy can be achieved. The effective range is quoted to be over 800 meters.

FAQ On Rifles

  • Why are precision rifles bolt action

As rifle technology progressed, bolt action rifles quickly became the rifle of choice for precision marksmen due to their increased reliability and accuracy. Lever action rifles also started to appear around the same time frame.

  • Is Ruger precision a good hunting rifle

The Ruger Precision is an excellent gun that does its job efficiently. We definitely recommend the Ruger Precision for those who want to practice shooting long-range as it’s accurate and also comes at an affordable price. Aftermarket parts are growing, too. So upgrading and customizing this gun is possible.

  • Is .308 a good precision rifle
Knights Armament SR 25

308 Win is a perfect choice. A . 308 or 7.62x51mm NATO is one of the most popular choices for military and police forces around the world. Shooting the 308 sniper rifle is a great option for those wanting to experience what it is like for real-world snipers and also special forces using the same weapon.

  • Does the military use Aero Precision?

Aero Precision products widely used in both the military and police communities, due to a simple truth- they work better. Get the Aero Precision parts that meet your needs here at the Tactical Training Center.

  • How many bullets can a rifle hold

In some cases, such as modern sporting rifles, the standard capacity magazine is regularly 30 rounds. Some state laws created after the 1993 Federal Assault Weapons Ban, limit the number of rounds a magazine can legally hold, generally to ten or less.

  • What is the basic military rifle

The M4 carbine is the standard weapon for brigade combat teams. Lightweight, mobile and adaptable and also can be mounted with a M203A2 grenade launcher, M320A1 grenade launcher or an M26 modular accessory shotgun system. The M4A1 is the fully automatic variant of the M4. (ergonomic advantages, 2-stage trigger, e2 bolt, magazine release, alternate methods of manipulation, bolt carriers, 5r cut, ambidextrous bolt, left handed user ).


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