Remington 2 1/2 Large Pistol
Remington Large Pistol Primers #2-1/2 Box of 1000 (10 Trays of 100)

Remington Large Pistol Primers #2-1/2 Box of 1000 (10 Trays of 100)


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Quantity: 1000 Piece
Primer Size: Large Pistol

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Shipping Weight: 0.960 Pounds
DOT-Regulated: Yes
HazMat Product: Yes

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Remington 2 1/2 Large Pistol Overview

Within every Remington primer’s(Remington 2 1/2 Large Pistol ) a group of subcomponents assembled to exceptionally tight tolerances. Primer cup dimensions controlled to .0001″, and also the priming mix specially formulated for consistent ignition with a wide variety of powder types. Primers tested for reliability from -20 degrees F to +150 degrees F. The unique tripod anvil design creates a larger strike area with maximum sensitivity, even with off center firing pin strikes.

Made In United States of America

FAQ On Remington 2 1/2 Large Pistol

Will the Ammo Shortage End in 2022? Now that you know why the ammo shortage persists, you might be wondering when it will end. Unfortunately, many ammo dealers expect the shortage and price hikes to continue into early 2023, especially if more Americans keep buying guns.
Remington 2 1/2 Large Pistol
Internationally, primers are manufactured by several firms in different parts of the world. Armscor in the Philippines, for example, Sellier & Bellot in the Czech Republic, Fiocchi in Italy and also JSC in Russia are some of the more prominent companies.
Remington ammo is one of the few ammunition facilities that produces its own primers. This has always been a huge asset to the brand, but it will become even more instrumental in the future as it offers one less piece to have to be bought and received through the warehouse.
Sturm, Ruger & Co. purchased the Marlin Firearms division of the Remington Outdoor Company in 2020. Founded in 1816 by Eliphalet Remington (as E. Remington and Sons) in Ilion, New York, it was one of the oldest gun makers in the US and claimed to be the oldest factory in the US that still made its original product.
Small Pistol Primers (SPP) and Small Rifle Primers (SRP) are virtually identical in size as are the primer pockets of their respective cases. This does not mean that they can be substituted for each other. The SRP still has a much thicker cup and hotter ignition.


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