Winchester USA M193 5.56mm NATO 55gr FMJ Rifle Ammo | Ammunition | Shooting – 420 Rounds

Winchester USA M193 5.56mm NATO 55gr FMJ Rifle Ammo | Ammunition | Shooting – 420 Rounds



Cartridge5.56mm NATO
Bullet TypeFull Metal Jacket
Cartridge CaseBrass
Muzzle Velocity3180 FPS
Pack Quantity420
Product LineUSA M193
Made in the USAYes

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M193 Available In Stock

Winchester USA M193 5.56mm NATO 55gr FMJ Rifle Ammo | Ammunition | Shooting – 420 Rounds – Backed by generations of legendary excellence, Winchester “USA White Box” stands for consistent performance and outstanding value, offering high-quality ammunition to suit a wide range of hunter’s and shooter’s needs.

FAQ On M193

  • What is M193 good for

What is the best application for M193 spec ammo? It’s actually pretty good for self defense as it is affordable, easy to find, and generally pretty effective at ranges under 50-100 yards. M193 is also great for practice/training and general SHTF stockpile ammo.

  • Will M193 penetrate body armor?

M855 vs M193 Test #1: Body Armor Penetration

The Level IV plates stopped both the conventional 55 grain M193 FMJ bullet and the 62 grain steel-cored M855 round. Neither round penetrated the armor, although both of them did leave significant bulges on the back side of the armor plate.

  • Does the military use M193 or M855?

M855 ammo has been the primary round NATO and the US military uses in all their M4 carbines since 1980. The M855 rounds sounds like a massive upgrade to the M193 on paper, however battlefield reports from the first Gulf War and Somalia paint a different picture.

  • What is the spec of M193 ammo?
5.56×45mm NATO M193 - Wikipedia

223 Remington cartridge was officially accepted and named “Cartridge, 5.56mm ball, M193”. The specification includes a Remington-designed bullet and the use of IMR4475 powder which resulted in a muzzle velocity of 3,250 ft/s (991 m/s) and a chamber pressure of 52,000 psi.

  • What armor will stop M193?

Level III+ body armor

Level III+ body armor is a way for ballistic armor manufacturers to show their customers that their armor will stop more than the NIJ-Listed requirement of an M80 bullet in some way, shape or form. For example, all of our Duritium® Level III+ plates will stop a 5.56x45mm (M193), a 7.62x39mm, and the M80 (. 308 Win).

  • Is M193 good for home defense?

The classic M193 is perfect for stockpiling, reloading, target practice, and cheap enough for plinking. You can even use it for self-defense and hunting in a pinch. If you’re in a hurry to get the best M193 ammo shipped to you, order a few boxes of the IMI Systems 55gr FMJ M193.

FAQ On 5.56x45mm Nato

  • What is the difference between a 5.56 and a 5.56 NATO?
Is there a difference between M193 5.56 and M193 5.56 NATO? - Quora

5.56 is merely a number. 5.56 NATO is a specific caliber designation of a particular cartridge that has a nominal bore size of 5.56mm. While there are several cartridges that also have 5.56 as part of the designation, if someone merely says “5.56″, they are almost invariably referring to the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge.

  • What is the lethal range of 5.56 NATO?

Both projectiles fired at a paper mache mannequin at 460 meters may sail the distance, but one will probably bounce off. As previous studies concluded, a truly lethal maximum effective range for an M885, 5.56 mm NATO projectile is about 200 to 250 meters (218- 273 yards).

  • Which is more powerful .223 or 5.56 NATO?

The 5.56 NATO pressure is about 58,000 psi and the 223 round is approximately 55,000 psi. While that doesn’t seem like much on its face, a mere 3,000 psi, the case difference in the chamber balloons it to a 10,000 psi difference. This can cause barrel ruptures and could be dangerous for the shooter and the equipment.

  • Can my AR shoot 5.56 NATO
223 vs. 5.56: Ammunition Comparison and Overview

Accuracy has a lot to do with the bullet touching the beginning of the rifling at a particular place (leade). This AR-15 barrel is stamped 5.56×45 NATO, which means it can fire both . 223 Remington and 5.56 NATO ammunition.

  • Is 5.56 NATO good for home defense?
M193 5.56 and .223 For Home Defense: Is it Right for You ...

The light weight, light recoil, great capacity, diverse load choices, impressive terminal ballistics and ease of use makes the small and handy 5.56mm AR carbine the number one choice for defense not only of the home front, but also the homestead

  • Is 5.56 deadlier than 9mm?

Adhering to the principle that lethality=penetration+expansion, it would seem that top 9mm loads are more lethal than top 5.56 loads. While both tend to penetrate to 15-18 inches in gel, top 9mm loads tend to expand to ~0.7, whereas top 5.56 loads tend to expand to ~0.40.

FAQ On Green Tips

  • What are green tips good for?
Green Tip 5.56 NATO (M855): What Is it? What Is It Good For ...

WHAT IS GREEN TIP 5.56 GOOD FOR? Shooting. That’s about it. Technically, M855 is better at penetrating barriers like thin walls and car doors than normal 55gr lead 5.56 is, but this really isn’t an attractive characteristic for most normal shooters.

  • Is green tip better than FMJ
What is the difference between regular FMJ 5.56 ammo and ...

The difference between regular FMJ 5.56 ammo and green tip ammo is that the latter has a steel core, which makes it more penetrative and able to pierce through some armor. Some gun ranges may not allow green-tip ammo because it can cause more damage to their backstops and targets.

  • What’s the difference between green tips and regular?
Green Tip 5.56 - How It is Different From Other 5.56 Ammo?

The main difference between 5.56 green tip ammo and regular 5.56 ammo is the type of bullet used. 5.56 green-tipped ammunition typically uses a full metal jacket (FMJ) bullet with a green-colored tip, while regular 5.56 ammo typically uses a hollow or soft point bullet.

  • Is Green tip 556 worth it?
Green Tip 5.56: Is It Anything Special?

Green Tip 5.56 For Training

This is because the steel insert is hard on steel targets and poses a bigger risk of starting a fire. If you want to use it to shoot your own steel targets on your own land, that’s up to you, but if you primarily use public ranges then green tip isn’t the best choice.

  • What is so special about green tip bullets?

Green tip ammo is made to penetrate steel, which makes it very strong. The damage it can do is what makes it controversial for civilian use. This superior ammo was originally created to penetrate armor. It’s considered dangerous by many, but nonetheless is legal to own in the United States.

FAQ On Armor Piercing
  • How strong are armor-piercing rounds?

Any bullet with a metal stronger than 100% steel (tungsten or copper) and has a jacket heavier than 25% of the bullet’s weight is classified as armor piercing. NIJ-Listed Level III body armor isn’t able to stand up to AP ammo on a consistent enough basis for the government to recommend using level 3 for AP protection.

  • Is 5.56 green tip armor-piercing?

Green-tip ammunition is most common in 5.56/. 223 Rem caliber and is mainly designed for use with the AR platform. These rounds also originally considered controversial, as they meet one of the criteria of the federal definition of armor-piercing ammunition.

  • What can stop an armor-piercing round?

Hard armor systems including a ceramic faceplate, CMF core, and aluminum backing plate can be the perfect armor against calibers up to 50 caliber ball and armor-piercing rounds.

  • What does a black tip on a bullet mean?


Rifle-caliber bullets with black tips are armor-piercing (AP) bullets that are specifically designed to penetrate light vehicles, windshields, and also light personal armor (e.g., Level 2-Level 3). These types of bullets are exclusively intended for military combat rifles and machine guns and are not commercially available.

FAQ On AR-15 Rifles
  • Is it worth it to buy an AR-15

If you’re not worried about perfection, you might be fine with only purchasing a basic AR-15. If you’re familiar with it and simply want a rifle to target shoot every once in a while and keep on hand to protect your home and family if the need arises, a basic AR-15 may be right for you.

  • What is the difference between an AR-15 and a regular rifle?

AR-15-style rifles are easily disassembled, and their portability is a benefit on long hunts. They can kill multiple animals quickly, and they’re accurate at long distances. And AR-style rifles can have less recoil than traditional hunting rifles.

  • What is the main purpose of an AR-15?
A Brief History Of The AR-15 : NPR

AR-15-style semiautomatic weapons are civilian versions of military weapons. So what’s the difference? Gun control advocates say the difference is minimal, arguing the AR-15, like its military version, is designed to kill people quickly and in large numbers – hence the term assault-style rifle.

  • How many rounds is an AR-15 good for?

How Many Shots can the AR-15 Rifle Handle? It’s to be expected that after around thirty rounds, your barrel is going to become quite hot, but as long as you have a quality build, you can safely fire hundreds of rounds in a day without doing any damage to the barrel.

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