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KAC MRE Rail Available In Stock

KAC MRE Rail: The original KAC MRE (Modular Rail Extension) was engineered as a full free floating handguard rail for military units fitting the M4 with a front sight base and extra rail to mount lights and accessories. Now available to the general public the KAC MRE RAS ff handguard design ensures your favorite AR-15 will retain its accuracy while providing plenty of rail for accessories.


Fresh from the Knight’s Armament vault, the “MRE” is a collector’s item for “KAC-nuts,” and was also an early full free floating rail for the M4 with a front sight base, giving our US Soldiers and Marines an extra platform to mount lights and PEQ and laser range finders and night vision illuminators and what not far forward.

  • How long is the rail on the Kac Ras?

6 3/16″

Specifications: Total Length: 7 3/16″ Picatinny Rail Length: 6 3/16″ Weight: 13.9 oz.

  • Is kac ras free float?

The KAC Free Float RAS II (Rail Adapter System) is a unique variation of the US military M4 RAS handguard that enables shooters to install a free floating, quad rail forend onto their rifle without needing to disassemble the gas system or delta ring assembly.

Rail adapter system features, features full length mil, spec m1913 picatinny rails, carbine length gas system, includes three kac 11 rib rail panels, float ras rail adapter, consistent barrel harmonics, ras rail adapter system, fixed a2 front sight, system features full length, adapter system features full, knights armament company 556 mre free float ras rail ar-15 black, rail mounted tactical accessories.

FAQ On A2 Front Sight Tower

The A2 Front Sight measures 2.25″ high from the base of the gas line making it great for co-witnessing your rifle and also the bayonet lug allows you to properly attach your favorite bayonet. Upgrade your AR or start a new build with this AR-STONER™ A2 Front Sight Gas Block.

  • Can you remove an A2 front sight?

Depending on how worn the rifle is it could be as easy as twisting the front sight and pulling it off, or you could need to use a mallet to give it some light taps to the front sight pins before it comes free.

  • Does MBUS rear sight work with A2 front sight?

Magpul MBUS should work fine if the front post is the correct height for A2. The F mark will confirm that it is. Most irons are the same height.

  • What is the difference between fixed and folding iron sights?
Fixed or Folding AR-15 Sights - 80 Percent Arms

Fixed Sights — A fixed sight offers greater durability and reliability, but you cannot fold it out of the way of, say, a holographic scope mounted on the rifle. Folding Sights — A folding sight is a more popular option — When not in use, fold the sight into the downward position.

  • Do Navy Seals use iron sights?
How a Navy SEAL Sets up his AR | THRiL

This allows him to still use his red dot sight (EOTech or Aimpoint) and co-witness with his iron sights. The iron sights can still be used if the red dot fails (damage or batteries) and also can adjust rear sight for elevation if needed for longer precision shots.

  • Do you need a front sight for a red dot?
When You Need a Red Dot - The Armory Life

Red dots can be useful for individuals who may have vision impairments or wear glasses because there’s no need to focus on three points — the rear sight, front sight and the target you are engaging.


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