Full Conceal M3 Folding Glock
Full Conceal M3D Folding Pistol Semi-Automatic Pistol 9mm Luger 4.02″ Barrel 21-Round Black

Full Conceal M3D Folding Pistol Semi-Automatic Pistol 9mm Luger 4.02″ Barrel 21-Round Black


Product Information

Cartridge9mm Luger
Capacity21 1 Round
Weight25.43 Ounce
Barrel Length4.02 Inches
Action TypeSemi-Automatic
Threaded MuzzleNo
Barrel FinishBlack
Front SightFixed Blade with White Dot
Rear SightFixed with White Dot
Frame MaterialPolymer
Grip MaterialPolymer
Frame FinishBlack
Magazine Quantity1
Slide FinishBlack
Grip StyleCheckered
Grip ColorBlack
Country of OriginUnited States of America

Delivery Information

Must Ship to FFL DealerYes
Shipping Weight5.000 Pounds

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Full Conceal M3 Folding Glock Overview

Full Conceal Inc.  formed to address the problems and needs of firearm concealed carry(Full Conceal M3 Folding Glock ) to vastly improve concealability, comfort, safety and firepower.

When folded, the pistol is well balanced (weight distribution and rectangular shape), compact, and comfortable for daily concealed carry. Traditionally, with appendix carry the grip digs into some part of your body when you sit in a car or restaurant. Being able to now carry in a jacket pocket or pants pocket, it’s more comfortable to sit down anywhere you go.

A loaded folded Full Conceal M3 pistol is safer to carry, transport, or store compared to a traditional pistol. The trigger bar is physically locked by the fold so the Glock factory drop safety. And firing pin safety are engaged with no trigger to depress. When folded and concealed without a holster, it is 100% mechanically safe from discharging.

Quick and easy to deploy under stress and low-light conditions because of the simple auto-indexing unfolding process. When preparing to deploy, you can naturally put your hands in your pocket. And have your hand on the gun without any tell.

Quick and reliable – simply unfold and pull the trigger to shoot. Once the M3 Pistol unfolds, shooting and reloading is the same muscle memory as a standard pistol.

FAQ On Full Conceal M3 Folding Glock

  • Which Glock is the folding Glock?

The Full Conceal M3 Folding Glock 19 is a compact handgun with a footprint of a cell phone. 22 rounds of 9mm are ready to fire immediately once your pistol is drawn. The M3 is designed with a folded trigger safety that prevents the trigger bar from moving and engaging the trigger sear.

FAQ On Glock

  • Why is Glock 19 so good

Glock 19’s striker-fired trigger design makes it easy to engage with the pistol accurately. Its trigger pull is fairly lightweight, with a positive and short reset that makes shooting the weapon easy. It’s large enough to be easy to control, and its 9mm rounds aren’t known for their excessive recoil.


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