Federal 209A Primers For Sale
Federal Primers #209A Shotshell Box of 1000 (10 Trays of 100)

Federal Primers #209A Shotshell Box of 1000 (10 Trays of 100)


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Quantity: 1000 Piece
Primer Size: Shotshell

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Shipping Weight: 3.140 Pounds
DOT-Regulated: Yes
HazMat Product: Yes

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Federal 209A Primers For Sale Overview

The same primers(Federal 209A Primers For Sale ) that Federal uses in their high-quality ammunition. Made to exacting standards for dependable ignition.

Federal 209A Primers For Sale

FAQ On Federal 209A Primers For Sale

  • What is the hottest 209A Shotshell Primer?

The Federal 209A is the hottest primer made. You can pretty much load Winchester or Cheddite 209s instead. Been loading for years and also never a problem substituting either for the Federal 209A.

  • Are federal primers too hot?

Many of Federal’s primers are a bit on the hot side when compared to CCI primers but the shotgun operates at such low pressures anyway I can’t imagine it should matter. Shoot them without worrying, as long as the other components are the same.

  • What are 209A primers used for?

209A Shotshell Primers are non-corrosive, all-weather, shotshell primers that deliver a fast, dependable ignition under any shooting situation. These primers deliver higher velocities plus increased accuracy. The 209 primers are perfect for trap shooting or use with your favorite muzzleloader.

  • What size is a shotgun primer?


0.209” or 5.31mm: Shotgun shell and muzzleloader primer such as 12 gauge and 20 gauge shotgun ammo. 0.210” or 5.33mm: Large rifle or large pistol primer such as . 308 and . 44 Magnum.

  • What is the hottest 209 primer?

Well Known Rokslider209A primers are probably the hottest available with CCI 209M a close second. Cheddite primers are right in line with standard 209s and should also work just fine for powder pellets. The Muzzleloader 209s seem to have a stigma of not being hot but designed for 777 pellets.

  • What primer does CVA recommend?

All controls are ambidextrous making your CVA rifle ideal for both right and left handed shooters. Your CVA rifle utilizes a 209 shotgun shell primer to ignite the powder charge. It is fully magnum capable. This means that you can use the “magnum” charge of 150 grains equivalent of pelletized blackpowder substitutes.

More On FAQ

  • Why is there no blackhorn 209?

It’s important to note that Hodgdon doesn’t manufacture Blackhorn 209 on their own, the powder is produced across the Montana border in Canada. Issues with production can, and lately have, compounded when crossing national borders, Blackhorn 209 may be the latest product to succumb to these issues.

  • What powder is comparable to blackhorn 209?

Federal 209A

Blackhorn 209 produced significantly less fouling than both the 777 and Goex black powder. At the same time, the Blackhorn 209 and loose 777 loads were comparable in performance with a difference of approximately 100fps in average velocity.

  • What primers are the hottest?

Winchester WLR – This is said to be the hottest non-magnum primer, and is also hard enough to be used in semi-autos. (Sometimes referred to as Winchester LR 8 1/2) CCI BR-2 – The “match” version of 200. This is also considered hard enough for use in semi-autos.

  • What primers do Space Marines use?

First step – Paint all the miniatures with Abaddon Black or Corax White. As a note, I tried only Abaddan Black. If you try a different colour and it beads up, remove the colour and also try the black. It works well and will act as the miniatures’ primer.

  • Can you use Magnum primers instead of regular primers?

If the primer is going to be used to fire in very cold conditions or other situations where ball powder becomes harder to ignite, choosing to use a magnum instead of a standard can be advantageous, provided it doesn’t create a compressed load greater than the maximum loads recommended in the reloading manual.


  • Is it worth reloading 2022?

It’s worth reloading any type of ammo. Tuning it to your gun, as noted, is a good reason. That way, the gun always shoots exactly where you expect and want. Lowering the cost is another good reason, less so if you don’t shoot a lot, but not trivial anyhow.

  • What kind of powder should not be used in a muzzleloader?

Smokeless powder used in shotgun shells and rifle cartridges should never be used in a muzzleloader not made to shoot such powders. Using smokeless powders, in firearms not designed for them, can cause the barrel to explode.

  • What is the cleanest powder for muzzleloaders?

Federal 209A

Black powder is the only type of powder that should be used in muzzleloaders. However, synthetic substitutes, such as Pyrodex®, also can be used.

Be sure to use only approved substitutes. Don’t use modern-day smokeless powders in black powder firearms.( 100 primers, centerfire primers ).


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