Cold Steel Mini Torpedo (12″ Black) 80TORM

Cold Steel Mini Torpedo (12″ Black) 80TORM



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  • Thickness:
  • Material:
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  • Weight:
    15.80 oz.
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    Not Included
  • Brand:
    Cold Steel
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This Cold Steel Mini Torpedo is built from cold rolled 1055 carbon steel with an overall length of 12″

The Torpedo from Cold Steel is a heavy yet perfectly balanced projectile that is easy to throw from almost any distance. It features double tapered points that offer twice the sticking potential of a throwing knife and 1 lb. of cold rolled 1055 Carbon steel (heat treated to provide maximum resistance and breakage). It can be thrown overhand or side arm. When skillfully thrown, the Torpedo has enough power and lethal penetration to cleanly dispatch animals up to coyote size. It can be thrown without noise; even a near miss will often not scare away your quarry or spook other game in the general area.

Always wear eye protection.


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